Getting Started: Your First Step Towards The Cloud


This blog is specially dedicated to young learners, beginning to understand the Datacenter Concepts. 


There are two kinds of Jobs in IT: DevOps. Development and Operations. You can have a clear Idea about the Career in Datacenter Technologies, by viewing my presentation here.

I have targeted to create this blog with the vision to as make it a ONE STOP SOLUTION for all your queries for Storage, Virtualization and Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing as you all know is a very wide concept and comprises of 3 service models: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. As you all know the 2 service models: PaaS and SaaS are directly depended over the underlining Cloud based Hardware and thus totally rely on the IaaS. Thus understanding IaaS and appreciating the concept is most important and a primary concern. It’s going to be a long journey and we’ll begin with understanding the Datacenter, it’s need and importance. Datacenter in simple words can be described as the heart & soul of the company, may it be an IT company or any other Small, Medium or Large organization. It is a dedicated room where all the servers, networking equipments, security devices, other storage boxes, cooling equipments and other de-moisturizing equipments are kept. The whole IT setup of the company is controlled through this room. In most of the companies, not every desktop user/ software develop/ any staff member has a dedicated hard-disk in his/her computer. The normal practice is to use a thin-client and these are the computers with no physical hard-disk present in the CPU. The concept of Shared storage, where everyone is allotted a fixed storage amount from the storage pool created in the datacenter. This offers more controlling power in the hands of the Company and least possible control in the hands of the Staff member. Also, this facilitates storage backups, snapshot taking and file sharing issues. 

Data is the most critical component in Industry and it’s loss is unbearable and thus unaccepted at any cost. Such practices make sure the data is secure by baring the non-datacenter people deciding the fate of the critical data. In order to understand the concept of Cloud Computing as you must already be having an outline of the same, is the delivery of all the computing services over the internet, understanding Storage and Virtualization is a MUST!